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Good morning,

Iím hoping some knowledgable folk on here could help me.

Iím currently the owner of a 1997 VTR mk1 in green. Iíve had an absolute blast in this car. Iíd always wanted a VTR and it was a joy to pick it up a few years back. Unfortunately, I need to let it go now due to an expanding family. Iím an absolute amateur when it comes to cars, but Iíve came here in the hope that someone could give me some advice on what would be a far and realistic price to sell my saxo at. Iím seeing some absolutely crazy prices for some VTRs and VTSí that are for sale on the usual sites. I am aware that what I own could be described as rare to a certain extent. Iíve seen it described as a future classic as well. I donít have my head in the clouds, or expect Iíll be getting silly money for it though.

Anyway, Iíll stop boring you all to death. On to the actual car itself. Other than me upgrading the stereo from the original tap player, itís completely original and unmolested inside and out. 85k miles, part service history, mot until Jan 20. Itís recently had some welding work carried out to resolve the common rust problems (Iím aware this may put people off). Unfortunately, it does have some light body work damage here and there, as in scrapes, but no large dents - Iíd say nothing out of the ordinary for a car of its age. All electrics work perfectly. Sun roof has no leaks. I also had all of the alloys professionally refurbed last year. Itís never been in a crash.

Iím aware that Iíve only just signed up to this forum today and I hope that it does not come across to members that I am just leeching for advice here and then never returning. I am just genuinely unsure as to what this cars worth might be and Iíd rather list it correctly and fairly to appeal to someone who knows what theyíre doing and will appreciate it. This post is not me trying to sell it here as Iím aware this is not permitted.

Thanks for reading and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Realistically you'd be looking about £800-1200, I'd stick it up for £1500. Someone who wants it will offer the correct price for it.

VTS is creeping up slightly but I've not seen any standard ones sell for over £2000 yet - except the showroom perfect ones.

impossible to really stick a price on something like that though, without seeing it first hand. a good weld repair shouldn't really affect the value.
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