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Saxo Brakes / Suspension / Transmission / Tyres If you have queries or information to share regarding Saxo braking, suspension, tyres or transmission systems, please discuss this within this forum.

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Default Saxo Suspension Refresh

Hey all.

I've got myself a 51 plate VTR and I'm planning to do a freshening up of the suspension, it hasn't been changed since it popped out the factory and with various noises here and there I feel like it's worth doing.

As the title says, I'm only planning to refresh the suspension, I'm not trying to lower or stiffen it up - essentially I'm going down the OEM route. With that being said, what parts would you recommend I replace? What are the most necessary and what is fine to be kept original?

I'm currently eyeing up the Billstein B4s, and then I was planning to get new springs, top mounts and bushes. I'm a novice when it comes to mechanics so I wouldn't know what else should be replaced, and I don't want to hand it over to a garage for them to half do it and then charge me double.

Any tips would be appreciated, I'm thinking of posting a progress thread/review after it's all said and done.
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Hi, when i got my saxo it was all original, and i replaced pretty much all the suspension components because it was time, i replaced the shocks and top mounts, the anti roll bar bushes (the4 of them), wishbone bushes, or mahbe the ball joints if the bushes are bot cracked, mine were making noise and i replaced the whole wishbones. While i was at it, i replaced the 2 tie rod endsand steering rack boot, it was a 30 mins job only so worth doing.<br><br>Sent from my SM-T560 using Tapatalk<br><br>
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Identify what needs replaced and just do that. If staying OEM spec then there shouldn't be any need really to replace the springs unless they are damaged (e.g. broken coil). If you do replace the spring for say a cosmetic improvement, fit a decent quality part such as a KYB spring. B4 should be a good option for staying OEM on the damper front.

Balljoints are pressed into the wishbones so usually people just replace the wishbones complete. Sounds like you may have worn rear bushes on the wishbones and will probably end up replacing the wishbones. If so, DO NOT fit the cheap no name ebay ones. I did and had to replace them within 3000 miles as the balljoints were knackered. I ended up fitting first line ones from a motor factor, which so far have been fine but you should be able to find ones by the likes of febi bilstein. Apparently Delphi have stopped doing complete arms. That was why I ended up with first line - couldn't get Delphi at all and could only find one Febi at the time. My mate got them through Dingbro a large factors and they advised that they are good quality parts so fingers crossed. Track rod ends, no need to replace unless either there is play or the boot is split. Anti roll bar drop links are a doddle to do and are probably worn, they tend to go and give clonks.

Back end of the car is trickier - dampers are easy to justify doing but you also have the axle mounts. You're looking at a big job there if you change them - axle needs to come off and there is some pressing in / out required again. I would say unless they look wrecked, leave them alone.

Don't overlook engine mounts - particularly the lower one (which is actually called a torque stabiliser cause it controls the engine rocking on the other mounts when being driven and it's motion / restriction of motion is against the direction the engine wants to move in response to delivering torque to the wheels). Luckily on the saxos (compared to the 306) this mount is really easy to do. Again fit decent here - febi, delphi, meyle, first line, genuine etc - alternatively go for a powerflex upgraded one. Gearbox mount is easy to do also - battery out then battery tray out, support under the box on a jack and replace the mount.

You may well find during all of this that you uncover other issues with the car, most likely being play in the rear axle trailing arms. Hopefully not though!

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Seen it done on other sites, where their or official chatroom gets put as a quick link where everyone can find it. Dont know if itd work here but suggesting it all the same.
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