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Default problem removing rear brake drum 3 stud

Hi, I've been trying to remove my nearside 3 stud rear brake drum. I've slackened the handbrake cable after removing the heat shield. I've removed the dust cover on the drum and the the washer. The drum spins, there a small amount of resistance.

I've searched for a ratchet to loosen the brakes further by looking through the wheel stud holes, but can't find anything there.

I have put the wheel on and banged from behind it but still zero movement at all.

Should I keep banging, or could there be anything still holding it on?

Could the wheel bearing be rusted on to spindle and it just need to be welted enough to free it. The circlip inside the wheel bearing holding it onto the drum could that be holding it at all?

I can't see it being the brake shoes holding it, because there is no movement at all.

I've been working on ot for 2 days now, any suggestions?

Pics attached,


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The circlip is holding the wheel bearing inside the drum and the gun nut holds it all to the spindle. I would have probably tried giving the drum a good belting with a suitable sized hammer to try and shock it loose. Have you tried spraying some release spray into the spindle area? I would spray it, hit it then refit the wheel and try and wiggle it off holding it at 9 and 3 o'clock
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What to do, is get a drift or a punch.

Hammer the spindle towards the centre of the car. This will push it away and the drum will simply fall off - this also eliminates the chance of the wheel bearing splitting and leaving the inner case stuck on the shaft.

You'll need to hit it HARD. once the drum is off, you can simply hammer the pin back in from the rear.

when I say a hammer, I mean like a 4LB hammer. and swing it.

Do not hit the pin without a drift, because you'll mushroom the end and the nut won't go back on.

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