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Old 4th December 2010, 12:30   #1
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Default Laptop or Xbox?

Need some help...

I cant decide what to get either a xbox or laptop...

Can you go online as come on saxp on your xbox??

Need some help cheers

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Old 4th December 2010, 12:36   #2
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I dont know about going on sax-p through xbox, would be a pain in the arse illd imagine even if you did, get a Laptop for now. U can still play games on it. Then later down the line buy a Xbox. Even a 2nd hand one as there cheap now
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Old 4th December 2010, 13:35   #3
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You cant access the internet using the xbox, or atleast if you can i have never found the option.

But even if you could i imagine the user experience would be useless for browsing forums, if its anything like the PS3 experience i have had trying to access Saxp on mine.

It depends what you need really, do you not have a computer you can access in your house, or even a smart phone?

I know i would choose a laptop every time, although for the price of a decent laptop to play games on you could get a xbox and a cheapish laptop/netbook, how ever niether of them would play any decent games.
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Old 4th December 2010, 14:02   #4
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Id rather a laptop tbh, spend abit more on a gaming laptop and it will play games better than the xbox and of course you can upgrade it it etc. Obviously you wont be on xbox live as most of your mates probably are, but you still have Steam platform for online gaming. The laptop is more capable than an xbox as haz more or less said.
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