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Track / Motorsport Prep' This forum is for technical discussions about track / motorsport preparation. Posting rights have restricted to select usergroups. If you wish to contribute to discussions within this forum, request acceptance from the usergroup leader from your User CP.

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Originally Posted by axsaxoman View Post
you mean the "freepowr "
we have been selling for the last 8years +
menat to disconect alternator on full throttle ,but could be wired to disconnect anything you like
I did think of that as I wrote. Thinking about it you only really need to disconnect the alternator as thats whats creating the parasitic loss on the engine, the screen only drains from the battery...
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It all gets complicated + extra expense --hence why I would keep std heater system as it is.
also gets expensive if you get a broken windscreen
when the flag drops the bulshit stops.
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