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Default Fitting cams and pulleys

Hi, looking for a bit of advice on fitting my cans and pulleys. Iím handy enough with spanner but Iíve never removed/replaced cams before so thought Iíd ask a few questions before I go wading in!

I have a 106 GTI running GSXR throttle bodies and have a set of Newman phase 3 cams to go in. The cams are already fitted with adjustable pulleys so they might as well go in too.

When fitting these cams and pulleys do I just lock everything off at TDC as I would if I were replacing the belt? When fitting the new cams and pulleys how do I know it will still be at standard timing considering the new pulleys donít appear to have a specific hole to lock them in place as the standard pulleys do?

Iíve had a look for a guide on fitting cams on here but found nothing so any advice would be much appreciated.

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how much lift at TDC do the ph3's get timed to and how much clearance is there in a standard engine?

typically adjustable pulleys dont have pin holes, so you need to fit the cams with the standard pulleys to get the cams in the right position, then swap to the adjustable ones and set the timing with a dial gauge.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Keep the stock pulleys. They are adjustable anyway, are easy to adjust and don't break or wear out. Plus it's easy to pin up to get the timing close enough to run safely while you get to a dyno to optimise them and get it mapped to suit the cams etc. :-)
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