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Suggestions / Improvements / Feedback Tell us your ideas of how we can make Saxperience a better place. Also, if we are doing something right... let us know, so that we can do more of it!

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Default For Sale Section

It seems on 99% of ads these days if someone doesn't have pics up people will always ask for them, and rightfully so because when you're going to shell out cash for something you want to SEE the condition etc as well as be told about it!

I think it'd be a decent idea to include in the rules of the section that means for most items (unless its a pretty obvious thing) posting pics of it is mandatory.

Either that or making people more aware that putting good pics up of the item is strongly recommended.

Just an idea anyway!
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or make it so you add it like an ebay listing.

price, pic, description, postage costs.
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Originally Posted by webby1989 View Post
or make it so you add it like an ebay listing.

price, pic, description, postage costs.
pic isnt always needed.

Sometimes yes its nice to see pics, but if your buying say a heater knob or a rear demister switch..... Waste of time getting a photo

Exhausts, manifold yes i can see your point. But not always a need.
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