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they kinda do, they use the EB and DV engines in the 2019 corsa, its a 208 with a different set of body panels, floor pan and running gear is the same. EB is the series of 3 cylinder tudbo Di petrol engines introduced in 2015, loks closely related in architecture to the EP series which in turn shared a few similarities with the older Aluminium TU blocks.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Originally Posted by Manu View Post
June 2018

Boris Johnson (on the consequences of business, and uncertainty around brexit): "Fuck business"

Japan: "Fukayoo UK"

(you do not do business deals with Japan using insults and/or threats, like, ever)

The following week, Japan scored a free deal with the EU, 0% fees on imports.

Good luck reeling them back in, as they also have stronger ties with France and Germany. There's a Jap car importer just a few miles from where I live, he's not doing good as people have shied away in the last year and a half. His yard went from busy to half empty since Japan left, and he's started doing german cars instead.

come on, you need some Vxr chavs to replace them saxos. PSA's recently acquired vauxhall. Imagine a Corsa with a TU engine lol.
Well, at least piston 4 would stay intact?

I don't think you should conduct ANY business deals with insults tbh hahaha!

Those are imports at like a manufacturing level, I meant at a personal import level. it's fucking daylight robbery man.
The rain kept a trollin'
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