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Question Can anyone tell me what this constant squeaking noise is?

Anyone know what this sound is?

My car failed its MOT in August and they quoted a ridiculous amount to fix it so I took it back and phoned up a Mechanic local who told me he can put it all through far cheaper, and thought they were having me on. The car got fixed and feels a lot better, but before it went in for its first MOT it had this slight squeaking noise, now it's a lot worse.

My mechanic did say the car was loud and I presumed he meant the actual car, but I think he meant this squeaking noise. I asked him if he fixed the squeaking sound and he said ''The knocking? Yeah it was from the Anti Roll Bar'' but the car didn't have any knocking before, just this mild squeak thats now crazy. The mechanic was good and seemed genuine, and he clearly presumed this wasn't an issue if he let me take it away, he did say ''It's just an old rattly saxo'' and driving it home I kind of heard it, it wasn't until I got out and was bewildered it's so damn fucking loud

Before it would sorta go away when I'd pop down the clutch, but now it doesn't really. It's just continuous from engine start, even after driving for 10 minutes it doesn't calm down, and it's embarrassing to drive lol
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