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Default Lamda fault code Single Plug conversion

Hi, I've done a single plug Saxo VTS conversion using the guide on here to splice the multi plug in the engine bay correctly from the VTS 3 plug,the only issue I have is a fault code for the Lambda P0157 intermittent, only comes on after the car is warmed up,the engine light does not come on.

As per guide I spliced the Lambda together with a ignition wire to get its positive from,I do have the correct black Lambda sensor for the single plug ECU and I do have voltage on the connector,I have around 800mv with the car running and I've 12v on the Lambda pins 1,2 and 3 and 8 volts on pin 4 with the ignition on,why am I getting the fault code? Not sure what else to check to be honest.

Car is not standard and it's currently running with the stock single plug ECU on a base map,I understand that the fuel map is not set up accurately but I wouldn't of thought I would get a fault code for the O2 sensor for this?

Also worth to note, I've got no reading on the cluster for the coolant temperature,I do have correct reading of the sensor using the odb, would the gauge not working on the clusters affect the 02 sensor? I thought it only cared about the ECU sensor, thank you.

Also,I was just thinking,is it not for the second O2 sensor the P0157 code? Looks like it is from what I can find.

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