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XBox Chat Please use this forum to discuss X-box related topics.

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Default Xbox one first play opinion

Got a shot of the Xbox One. Pad feels way better, theres next to no dead zone in the sticks, and not a hint of vagueness. The x,y,a,b buttons are slightly closer grouped together, but not a huge amount. Triggers have been angled out the way slighlty which kind of feels more natural; the only problem with that is the shoulder buttons are slightly centred more, which makes hitting them with the joint of your trigger finger harder. That was a particular bitch on Battlefield 4 as RB has been reassigned as the "spot" button. Multifunction vibrate is pretty good, nice variation in feel for gunfire in bf4, locked up tyres in Forza etc.

Managed to get a 16 v 16 game of bf4. Not sure what resolution its running at, but its pin sharp and must be pulling close to 60fps, looks incredibly smooth. Final build will apparently be 32v32. Audio is much better, screen layout a bit tidier too. Managed to knife a random English guy, which was met with cheering lol. New game mode as well, bit of a spin on capture the flag but with a bomb and set targets.

Forza seems very nice indeed, Laguna Seca track is gorgeous. Feel of the cars is great, but much easier to break tyre grip. Closer, more realistic racing/driving by cpu cars.

Dead rising 3 looks phenomenal. Plays similarly to old DR games but much more fluid, controls are improved. Dynamic lighting and amount of zombies drawn is terrific. Tablet support is going to be good by the looks of it, allowing a second player to join the game in an assistance role.

Titanfall plays very quickly and smoothly. Admittedly its a bit like call of duty but with Titans, but the jump packing and parkour style gameplay will deffo add something to it.

Never managed to get a shot of Wolfenstein but watching a giant deathmatch it looks like it should be good. Bethesda are producing and they sont really turn out shit games!

Never bothered playing Call of Dooty, same shit different year tbh. But this time, you can blow up the sign above a shop, and the dog has loads of fur!

Tried a few other non-xbox titles, some promising titles coming it seems.

Overall I was pretty impressed - i dont believe the hype when you hear of stuff on the net saying" Xbox One underpowered compared to PS4" and shit like that, but the games I tried show that its definitely not lacking in graphics power. Controller is better, and kinect tracking was damn impressive on the demo titles.
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