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Suggestions / Improvements / Feedback Tell us your ideas of how we can make Saxperience a better place. Also, if we are doing something right... let us know, so that we can do more of it!

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Old 14th March 2009, 11:05   #1
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Default Rep

Dont attack me yet, i know saying rep is like saying voldemort in hogwarts.

But i was thinking, could the rep system be brought back for Sax-p premium members only?.

It would be another reason to be a premium member, it would also be a reason to renew premium membership and it would make it respected.

Probably a bad idea as i dont know the half of it but im sure someone will shoot me down quickly enough
Note to self; everyone else knows what there doing.
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Old 14th March 2009, 11:07   #2
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except premium members still sit in general chat giving each other rep for

'made me lolz'

its gone, simo has stated for good i belive.
God made beer, women and Throttle bodies
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Old 14th March 2009, 13:15   #3
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what a stupid fucking idea

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Old 14th March 2009, 15:58   #4
Saxperience Hardcore!
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probs wont come back. As you have just thanked Ryan, if rep was here youd probs rep him. Ryans post wasnt really a top notch post to thank or rep. More of a opinion and quote.
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