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Saxo In Car Entertainment (ICE) & Security This forum should be used to chat about all things relating to in-car entertainment...

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Default Clifford Alarm... What a headache.

Ive recently bought my VTR and its already got a clifford alarm (think its a clifford concept 500 or something similar) and its giving me such a nightmare.

The car locks its self as soon as you pull off and you cannot unlock the car, until you remove the key from the ignition and it does it automatically. So everytime you want to pick up or drop someone off, you have to turn your car off which is annoying.

Also if you dare to turn your engine off, without getting straight out and locking the car, after about 15 seconds the alarm self arms and shortly after that starts going off. Meaning if you pull up to talk to someone you have to leave the engine running/ignition on, wasting your fuel or your battery. Wonderful times.

Ive tried reading the manual and its far too technical for me.

HELP! haha
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Clifford use a programme called clifnet wizard (or something along those lines, I've not worked with them for about 12 years) the locking on pull away is a safety feature but I agree it's annoying! The auto arm is usually only the immobiliser arming unless the concept 500 is different as the last things I was fitting were the concept 300 and the g4 series.

You can buy the cable and disc on ebay so you can change all your own settings a lot easier or find a local installer that can do it for you but if I remember right, I think at the back of the book is all the options you can control via your valet switch, not always the easiest instructions to follow.
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