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Saxo Brakes / Suspension / Transmission / Tyres If you have queries or information to share regarding Saxo braking, suspension, tyres or transmission systems, please discuss this within this forum.

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Old 10th February 2008, 19:47   #1
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Default need pics instruction rear beam bearing fitting

i am a mechanic but never done the rear beam b4 my rear wheel is on the co!k please help want it sorted
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Old 10th February 2008, 20:34   #2
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Are you removing the whole beam?
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Old 10th February 2008, 20:44   #3
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It would be easyer
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Old 10th February 2008, 22:36   #4
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Originally Posted by jimmy2006 View Post
It would be easyer
very easy to do mate i did exactly the same. Take it you hit a curb at high speed like me ? From what i remember if you lift up the rear bench seat u'll see 4 big ass nuts u just have to remove them and i think there are 2 under the car to remove. Make sure you have the strut on axle stands or someone holding it under the car but i wouldnt reccomend someone holding it as it is quite heavy as my mate found out. lol. btw the more people you can get to help you the easier it will make it as lining the bolts up is a bit of a bastard to do you WILL need 2 plus to help. Took me about a hour. hope this helps.
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Old 10th February 2008, 23:21   #5
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if you go into your local citroen garage you can get a diagram.
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Old 11th February 2008, 13:25   #6
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Old 11th February 2008, 15:03   #7
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There's a whole guide to fitting the bearings and bushes in the ssc members guides section!
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Old 2nd October 2008, 13:42   #8
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ive just finished fitting my rear beam on.
all you have to do is

knock the handbrake cable out of the holders
disconnect 2 brakelines
4 cross member long bolts

i did this all from under the car, if youve got 2 jacks then the job is easy by yourself.

remove spare tyre holder
back box
drop one end of the zorst section
undo brakelines
place the jacks eitherside of the beam
undo the bolts and away you go
lower jacks and slide em out

raiya - VTR - cammed
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