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Old 11th October 2008, 17:17   #1
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Default how to - replace washer bottle motor / washer bottle

first of all you need to jack the car up. if you have axel stands , use these also as a backup incase the jack fails. then remove the front drivers wheel

next we need to remove the inner wheel arch. the inner arch is held on with plastic studs. mines had 3 studs holding it in position. picures below of what they look like / where they are located. i just prized them off with a screwdriver but be carefull as they can easily be broken.

once the studs are removed the inner arch is ready to come out. i found it easier starting at the rear of the arch removing it bit by bit towards the front of the car.

next we need to locate the washer bottle. if your looking at your brake disc this is located to your right( black bottle ).

the washer pump motor is located on the side of this bottle

to remove the pump, all you have to do is give it a pull at the bottom.

once the washer pump is free from the bottle you will see it has 2 pipes for the washer wipers. and theres also a sensor at the top. the 2 pipes just pull of, and the sensor at the top you have to unclip. quite straight forward really

if your just replacing the motor, you now do the guide in reverse to finish it off. however if your replacing the bottle read on.
to replace the bottle you need to go into the engine bay now and locate where you put the water in.

you need to remove this section off the bottle to replace the part under the arch. this part just screws off(anticlockwise). on mines it was to tight and awkward to get into, so i used molegrips to loosen it. once this is off, the bottle underneath the arch will either fall off. or you need to pull it off.

then its just a case of fitting your new bottle and doing this guide in reverse. hope this helps some. cheers

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Old 11th October 2008, 18:34   #2
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nice guide mate
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Old 11th October 2008, 18:47   #3
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thanks for that mate! would of had repped you!
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Old 11th October 2008, 18:52   #4
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yak your arches are filthy.
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Old 3rd July 2009, 10:29   #5
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thanks mate that was a big help i had no idea how to get to it!
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Old 11th September 2009, 08:36   #6
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Thanks for that. Nice one.

Got to do the wash motor on my Daughters sax today and this will save a lot of time.
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Old 23rd January 2010, 09:40   #7
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Nice one geezer!
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Old 23rd January 2010, 14:02   #8
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Smile Exellent!!

perfect guide apart from i didnt have to remove the wheel... i just put on hard n/s lock and pulled the mud guard down...

but many thanks
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Old 14th April 2010, 18:11   #9
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Brilliant post mate.

Just done mine today - was a doddle, after following your instructions...

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Old 27th May 2010, 12:16   #10
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great post mate
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Old 5th August 2010, 11:47   #11
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Thanks for this. Great work.
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Old 16th October 2010, 17:14   #12
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spot on, i've got my car outside jacked on - wheel off and im staring at the wheel arch thinking how the fffuu*. I'm terrible at finding all the points where its held together.

saved me loads of time, much appreciated
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Old 29th January 2012, 15:30   #13
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Default Washer pump replacement

Many thanks great info job done.

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Old 24th July 2012, 20:28   #14
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On a related subject. Where is the washer relay (item 107 on page 12.30 in Haynes) Located ?
My washer is getting no power and there is no mention in the Haynes book as to where the relay is located.



o.s. fuse is ok.
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Old 1st December 2013, 09:02   #15
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Nice one! Planning to get this done today
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Old 24th January 2016, 22:15   #16
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thanks great guide
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Old 9th April 2016, 17:39   #17
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Only one thing that you've missed.... The washer bottle neck is threaded so if you pull it off your lucky not to knacker the threads, just unscrew it anti clockwise
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