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Default MK5 Golf TDI (140) leaking slave cylinder?

Hi all,

Sorry this isn't a saxo issue but thought someone might be able to help, basically i swapped out the dual mass flywheel and clutch kit on my golf over the weekend with all brand new parts including new slave cylinder.

Got it all back together and proceeded to bleed the clutch line to the slave cylinder and it was taking forever to bleed i'm talking hours and the pedal would just continue dropping to the floor, i got it to have a bit of resistance at some point but it still wasn't feeling how its supposed to and wouldn't select gears.. anyway after a while i noticed it was peeing fluid from the bell housing, got the box back off and its gone allover the new clutch and is leaking right out of the new slave cylinder..

could I have done something wrong here or does it sound like its just a faulty part? luckily the place i bought it from have agreed to send me out new parts free of charge but i'd like to avoid it happening again. Any ideas?
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