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Saxo Brakes / Suspension / Transmission / Tyres If you have queries or information to share regarding Saxo braking, suspension, tyres or transmission systems, please discuss this within this forum.

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Default Rear Brake Drum Bearings

Hi all,

I'm gradually replacing/fixing various bits and bobs on a 1.1 Desire that we got for my daughter and I've got round to the rear brakes. When taking the drums off the wheel bearings on both sides came off in bits so I ordered up some new ones whilst replacing the cylinders and brake shoes. The drums were pretty grotty so got some new ones from GSF. I don't have a press so stuck the drums into the oven and the bearings in the freezer gave it a while then the bearings dropped into the drums without any issues. Only problem now is that they won't go back on the car and I have a horrible feeling that I've managed to install the bearings the wrong way round! So, a couple of questions for you guys...

Is the little stub axle that the bearings sit on tapered? Does anyone know how to get these eyeless clips out of the drum? I don't mind sacrificing a couple of bearings but I don't want to lose the new drums. Finally, does anyone have a step by step guide (also known as an idiots guide) on how to replace the rear bearings so I don't make the same mistakes again?

Thanks, Lardy.
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no taper, just a nice tight fit, drum type should slide on by hand though.

you need circlip pliers for circlips.

get yourself a haynes manual.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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The shoes are auto adjusting, I fitted new shoes to mine and the lining was a bit too thick and I had to take a file to it and remove 1mm from it - which made me think my bearing was the wrong size but it wasnt! the drums has to be perfectly straight to go on.

you need to make sure the nut under the handbrake is fully loosened.

The drums should just slide on after doing that.
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