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Site updates is forever evolving. Any Web site updates will be listed here.

10 Jan 2004

  • MOD: Migrated forum data from MS Access database to MS SQL Server. Site offline for 12 hours. [MR]
  • BUG: Data insert errors observed. FIX: Database configuration modified to correct primary key error and handle omitted data. [MR]
  • MOD: Forum polls enabled. [MR]
  • BUG: Newly registered members unable to participate in forum - Forum not synchronised. FIX: Updated registration code to correctly synchronise user data in forum database. [MR]

09 Jan 2004

  • MOD: Migrated site data from MS Access database to MS SQL Server. Site offline for 12 hours. [MR]

16 Nov 2003

  • MOD: Added "Community" section (containing sax-p Partners). Site offline for 30 minutes. [MR]

13 Nov 2003

  • MOD: Added "return to previous forum" link on red posts page. [MR]
  • BUG: Primary key corruption error in Forum database prevented posting of Personal Messages. FIX: Flushed primary key index - site offline for 1 hour. [MR]

12 Nov 2003

  • MOD: Upgrade forum engine from WebWiz Forums 6.34 to WebWiz Forums 7.51a - integrated user authentication into core authentication model.¬†¬†Approx 10x improvement in forum processing time in offline tests. Site offline for approx. 3 hours. [MR]
  • MOD: Updated session allocation algorithm to eliminate duplicate SIDs. [MR]

10 Nov 2003

  • MOD: Updated HTTP Headers to disable caching on AOL proxy servers. [MR]

09 Nov 2003

  • MOD: WebWiz Forums 6.34 code tidied up to improve performance.¬†¬†Forum code upgrade planned later this week to address continuing performance issues. [MR]
  • BUG: Inaccurate active Guest count. FIX: Session counting code modified to count unique IP/user combinations for Guest sessions. Member session count remains SID based. [MR]
  • MOD: Added 'Forthcoming-Events' module to the home page. [MR]

08 Nov 2003

  • MOD: Added user registration statistics to the home page. [MR]
  • BUG: Database error. ErrNo(-2147217833) ErrDesc(The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data.) ErrSrc(Microsoft JET Database Engine) ErrSQL(3163) ErrNat(-68551703) TEMPORARY FIX: User registration script modified to restrict usernames to 16 characters. Database field will need to be increased to 24 characters. [MR]
  • BUG: AOL users unable to sign in (AOL employs multiple proxy servers). FIX: Session management code updated to cater for AOL users. [MR]

07 Nov 2003

  • INF: sax-p v3.1.1 uploaded to Web server and external access granted. [MR]