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Saxperience Premium Membership...

Premium Membership infers that you get something in addition to standard membership... and you do! The Premium Member service is a chargeable service, with monies being re-invested into the running and future development of Saxperience.

Saxperience is a rapidly expanding community, devoted to owners of the Citroen Saxo, worldwide.

Premium Membership gives you the opportunity to become further involved in the Saxperience Community, whilst also enjoying a large range of additional benefits and services. Saxperience continues to enjoy frequent upgrades in both hardware, site content, design and functionality... Premium membership is your chance to give something back to the community and help to ensure that Saxperience continues to live on!

Types of Premium Membership Available.

As the Premium Member scheme has developed, it has become apparent that some members do not wish to take advantage of the full suite of benefits offered to Premium Members. With this in mind, there are now two levels of Premium Membership available... 'Premium Membership' and a reduced level of membership, 'Online Premium Membership'

Premium Membership includes ALL benefits available to Premium Members, whereas Online Premium Membership provides just that... online Premium Member benefits.

Premium Member Benefits...

If you would like to receive the ultimate service, then 'Full' Premium Membership is the right option for you. However, if you're simply interested in gaining access to online web site facilities, then the trimmed down 'Online Premium Membership' may be better suited to your needs?

The table below lists the services/benefits available with each level of Saxperience Premium Membership.

Premium Member Benefit Full Premium Membership Online Premium Membership
Annual Membership Cost £15.00 £10.00
Saxperience "Premium Member" membership card Yes No
Receive two Saxperience stickers (Design C in silver) Yes No
Optional Saxperience email account ( - POP3/IMAP Yes No
Ability to use Premium Member Pager System (instant messager) Yes Yes
Ability to ATTACH images to forum posts (Upload quota 15.0Mb) Yes Yes
Ability to create your own user picture album (store max. 100 pictures) Yes Yes
Ability to UPLOAD a custom avatar image to user profile. (usually need >100 posts) Yes Yes
Ability to UPLOAD a profile picture to user profile. (usually need >100 posts) Yes Yes
Ability to add signature text/images to forum posts. (usually need >100 posts) Yes Yes
Access to Premium Member How-To Guides Yes Yes
Access to Premium Member Videos Yes Yes
Access to Premium Member forums Yes Yes
Ability to store 240 private messages. (usually 50 (new) or 80 (regular)) Yes Yes
Ability to send a private message to 5 people at once. (usually 1 (new) or 2 (regular)) Yes Yes
Ability to edit forum posts and post titles (usually need >100 posts) Yes Yes
Username will appear in bold type face within the online users bar, including a red 'P'. Yes Yes
User rank will change to Premium Member and show 5-gold stars. Yes Yes
Ability to use 'invisible mode' (username will not appear in the users online bar). Yes Yes
Ability to to register for Premium Member Prize Draws. Yes Yes
Eligible for special discounts offered by select companies Yes (membership card may be required) Yes (if membership card not needed)
Ability to post and manage your own BLOG Yes Yes
Ability to access the Saxperiece Games Arcade Yes Yes
Ability to create user-defined social groups to chat with members with common interests. Yes Yes
Ability to edit the colour scheme of your user profile page. Yes Yes
Ability to add your vehicle(s) to the Saxperience E-Garage. Yes Yes

"Saxperience Premium Membership will not appeal to everybody, so take this opportunity to become part of a focussed, dedicated group of Saxperience Members."


Payment for Premium Membership can be made in a number of ways:-

  • Online via your USer CP - more details within the Saxperience Online Shop (most direct method)
  • Cheque (payable to Saxperience)
  • Postal Order
  • Cash (cash payments sent via post are made at the sender's risk).

If you wish to make payment via the postal service, please send your payment (payable to Saxperience) to the following address: -

Saxperience, PO Box 890, Warrington, WA2 8WP.

When completing your order for Premium Membership, please include your full name, Saxperience username and postal address, so that your stickers and Premium Member membership card can be posted without delay (where applicable).

If you wish to pay online using Paypal, please visit the Saxperience Online Shop and follow the instructions to purchase your chosen membership via your User CP.

Once you are ready to 'checkout', you will be transferred to Paypal's payment screen, where secure payment can be completed. Please remember to fill in your details clearly within the Paypal screen.

Please ENSURE you provide your Saxperience Username AND Postal Address when registering for Premium Membership. Failure to do so will delay processing of your Membership.

I hope you will appreciate the efforts that go into making Saxperience the most varied source of online Saxo media... The range of Premium Member benefits continues to grow! I do realise however that this rate of growth may not meet the expectations of all. I can only ask you to continue to support this community and trust that developments are onwith behind the scenes.