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Saxperience Community Homepage

The Saxperience community is increasing in size rapidly! Each day, Saxperience enjoys new member registrations from across Europe and beyond... As the Saxperience community expands, so too will the range of resources and services available through

There is a huge amount of Saxo related material available through, with greater privelages being granted as the member-status-ladder is climbed.

In time, the Saxperience Community will develop into an invaluable source of top quality Saxo related information, being captured through the use of saxo related forums and how-to guides.

I invite you to become involved in the Saxperience Community... why not make friends with people with similar interests, have fun and learn about your Saxo at the same time. A lot of Saxo knowledge is at hand, and if channelled properly, your own knowledge can be useful to others too.
Premium Membership

Premium Member Benefits

This section outlines the benefits of being a Saxperience Premium Member and gives you the details required in order to register with this service.
Saxo Forums

Saxo Discussion Forums

If you're looking for information or advice, why not ask our members in our Saxo related discussion forums.
Stickers for sale

Saxperience Stickers

These stickers look great and all profit generated is re-invested into the development of the Saxperience website, so why not support Saxperience?
Member Discounts

Member Offers / Discounts

A number of companies offer discounts and special offers to Saxperience Members - take a look in this section to see if you can pick up a bargain!
Advertise with Saxperience

Advertise with Saxperience

If you would like to advertise your business and /or services within the Saxperience Community, please read on for further details.
Contact Saxperience

Contact Saxperience

If you would like to contact Saxperience via email, you can do so by filling in this online form.
Saxperience Email

Saxperience Email

If you are a Saxperience Premium member, you can access your sax-p email account here.
sax-p History

Saxperience History

In this section you will learn the history behind Saxperience... The reasons why sax-p began and how it has developed over time... (Under Construction)