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Frequently Asked Questions

The Citroen Saxo is a great hot-hatch, however there are quite a few well known problems, which can occur with them. Over the years people tend to ask the same kind of questions, which is the reason this section has been implemented.

The sax-p FAQ Section will continue to expand over time and will include FAQ articles relating to both the Citroen Saxo and the Saxperience web site itself. So, if you've got a question regarding a problem with your Saxo, or maybe you'd like more details about how to use a feature on the web site, the FAQ section should be your first port of call.

The sax-p Saxo Forums are a great place to find information regarding many queries you may have, however by detailing the solutions to some of the common FAQ's in this section, finding the answers you need should be more direct and often more consistent.

If you'd like to contribute to this section of Saxperience, or if you'd like to ask a specific question, please contact me via email, using
Saxo FAQs
Saxo FAQ

Saxo FAQ's

If you have a question regarding your Citroen Saxo, check out this section to see if you can find the answer you're looking for.
Site FAQs
Site FAQ

Site FAQ's

If you'd like to know more about the functionality of the Saxperience web site, check out this section.