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Premium Member Benefits...

Premium Membership is the highest level of member status available within the Saxperience community. Premium Membership is available to all members, who wish to support this community, whilst also enjoying an enhanced user experience. Premium Membership will not appeal to all users, so why not become part of the Saxperience Elite?

This page is intended for use as a Premium Member "Home" area... It's somewhere which is easy to navigate to and which puts all of the Premium Member services a mouse click away.

I am committed to developing the Saxperience Community further, with the intention of creating the most useful and interactive online Saxo Experience available.

The additional services offered as part of the Premium Membership package will continue to expand as quickly as possible, ensuring that you really will receive value for your money! Stay active within the Saxperience community to ensure you're making the most out of your enhanced membership...

Premium Membership

Premium Membership

This section outlines the benefits of being a Premium Member and gives you the details required in order to register with this status.
Premium Member Forums

Premium Member Forums

Direct access to the Premium Member discussion forums... keep upto speed with what's happening!
Premium Member Videos

Premium Member Videos

All new video content, which will be placed on Saxperience is reserved for Premium Members... Check out the Premium Member video clips in this section.
Premium Articles

Premium Member Articles

If you're a Premium Member, take a look at these How-To guides, technical articles and a variety of other information to gain further help and advice with the ownership of your Saxo.
Saxperience Email

Saxperience Email

If you are a sax-p Premium member, you can access your Saxperience Email account here...
sax-p Tools

Saxperience Tools

This section will soon contain a range of "tools" for use on the sax-p web site. Currently only offering the true road speed calculator...
Member Discounts

Member Discounts / Offers

A number of companies offer discounts and special offers to Saxperience Premium Members. Details of how to make use of these discounts are shown in this section...
Saxperience Newsletter

Saxperience Newsletters

Have you missed an issue of the Saxperience Newsletter? Keep upto date by downloading the newsletters here...