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Advertise with Saxperience

If you would like to advertise your business/organisation and products/services within the Saxperience Community, this article explains the different advertising solutions available to you.

There are a number of advertising solutions available to businesses and organisations who are able to offer products and/or services of interest to Saxperience members. The range of solutions available will be described briefly below.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss specific queries you may have.

The Saxperience community members are enthusiasts of the Citroen Saxo - a car, which appeals to many, whether it be in standard form or modified. Saxperience is a very busy online community, which enjoys an average of 240 new member registrations each week. Saxperience offers first rate service to the community members by continually improving in every aspect, whilst regularly investing in the latest hardware.

The Saxperience community generates the following statistics, on average*: -

  • 155,000 visitors per month.
  • 10,800,000 pages served per month
  • 38,500,000 hits per month

* correct as of December 2009

Option 1 - Saxperience Discount Zone Affiliate

The simplest advertising solution and its free of charge! If your business is able to offer a product or service, which is of interest to Saxperience members and you are willing to offer a discount to Saxperience members, or exclusively to Saxperience Premium Members, then this option could be of interest to you.

In exchange for providing a discount code/voucher, your company details including a brief description of the services/products you provide will be displayed within the Saxperience Discount Section. A banner (sized 468 x 60 pixels) will also be displayed and act as a hyperlink to your website. In addition, your website will also be added to the Saxperience Links Section.

Option 2 - Saxperience Forum Affiliate

If your business activities or promotions change frequently, then this interactive advertising solution could be just what you're looking for! This is a chargeable service, which also includes the benefits of Option 1, if you are able/willing to offer Saxperience members a discount on your products/services.

This option allows your business/organisation to manage it's very own sub-forum within the Saxperience Affiliate Forum, whilst ofcourse adhering to the Saxperience rules and guidelines of use.

You will be free to promote your services and products within your affiliate forum. You are able to moderate nuisance posts within your specific forum, stick threads at the top of the forum listing, edit posts, etc, etc.

Members will be able to ask you questions directly and the whole community will benefit from the answers and advice you provide.

Option 3 - Saxperience Community Partner

If you are looking for a high-exposure advertising solution, then this option should meet your needs! This is a chargeable service, which also includes the benefits of both Option 1 and Option 2, should you require these services.

In addition to your choice of services from Options 1 and 2, your business/organisation will benefit from the display of a banner (sized 468 x 60 pixels), shown in random circulation at the top right hand corner of all Saxperience web pages. This banner will act as a hyperlink to your website ensuring that the Saxperience Community members are fully aware of your existence.

The number of Saxperience Community Partners is purposely restricted so that the benefits of this service are not diluted.