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Saxo Modifications

The Citroen Saxo is a great little car, with a huge fan base! There's not one cruise you could go to in the UK and NOT stumble across a trick looking Saxo. Modifying cars is great fun, but it doesn't always have to be expensive... There are lots of modifications you can do yourself, Saxo DIY!

Many people choose to modify their Saxos, but often take the more direct approach... dropping your car off at a garage or bodyshop and handing over a wad of cash! Well, you will get great results from doing this, but what you won't get is the satisfaction of doing something yourself, the way you want it!

I try to do the majority of the modifications to my Saxo myself, so I've learnt quite a lot about tuning and modifying this french hatchback. In this section I try to share this knowledge with you, by means of How-To Guides...

Where possible, I try to take photos whilst modifying my Saxo, so you get the advantage of being able to read AND see how to perform these modifications yourself!

The Saxperience How-To Guides have become very popular over the years, with lots of great feedback about their content. There are now two sections containing these guides. The first How-To Guide section requires you to be a registered sax-p member... If you're not currently signed upto sax-p, why not register now?

The newest How-To Guides are contained within the Premium Member How-To Guide section and can only be accessed if you are a registered sax-p Premium Member. For more information on how to become a sax-p Premium Member, take a look in the Community section...

Additional info on Saxo modifications can be found in sax-p's Saxo discussion forums...
How-to guides

How-to guides

If you are looking for advice on how to modify your Saxo, take a look at these great how-to guides!
Premium Member How-to guides

Premium How-to guides

If you're a sax-p Premium Member, take a look at these fresh How-To guides, giving you even more help to modify your Saxo.