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Simo 4th October 2009 22:24
Worn or damaged driveshafts can be very annoying. If you are hearing grinding noises when moving slowly in traffic or whilst turning corners it is likely that one or both of your driveshafts is worn or damaged. If one of the rubber CV gaitors has split and you have lost grease from the CV joint, this will cause the joint to wear out more quickly....
Simo 19th August 2009 22:29
In order to keep your brakes in good working order, the brake fluid should periodically be bled to remove air, contamination and sub-standard brake fluid, especially if your brake pedal feels soft or spongy. This guide explains two methods of how you can bleed your braking system. Note: Saxperience will not be held responsible for any...
BobC 26th July 2009 15:57
This article provides all manner of information on the technical specifications of the range of gearbox fitted to the Citroen Saxo, including part numbers, gear ratios, oil capacity, etc. Oil capacity After draining : 2 litres. Check levels every 37,000 miles. SAE 75W-80W GL5, see: Castrol Syntrax
Simo 19th July 2009 15:12
If your brake discs become significantly worn of your brake discs become warped, both of your front brake discs will need to be replaced. This task is quite straight forward and can be performed in about two hours if you are confident with basic mechanics. It's really important that your brakes are kept in good working order. Your brakes are a...
Simo 19th July 2009 13:15
Your front brakes do the majority of the work when it comes to stopping your Saxo. This guide explains how you can change your brake pads, to ensure that your brakes are always in top working order. Note: Saxperience will not be held responsible for any damage/incidents to your car, yourself or third parties if you choose to follow the...
BobC 9th July 2009 21:46
Cooling System Overview The purpose of the cooling system is to draw the heat of the engine away and to either heat the inside of the car via the heater matrix or to cool it. Following a cold start the coolant circulates around the engine block and cylinder head spreading heat around the engine. The thermostat is closed preventing this hot...
BobC 9th July 2009 19:12
Overview The Bosch ME7.4.4 and M7.4.4 ignition-injection ECUs have been developed to control the following functions: • engine torque, • sequential multipoint injection, • twin static ignition, • cruise control (optional), • L4 (EOBD)*/K'/ifL5 depollution standards, • engine cooling, • dialogue with the other ECUs on the CAN...
BobC 4th July 2009 00:01
Overview The catalytic converter is designed to reduce, by catalysis, unburned pollutant gases at the exhaust: • CO: carbon monoxide • HC: hydrocarbons • NOx: nitrogen oxide Catalysis is a phenomenon which, by using a catalyst, encourages chemical reactions without the catalyst itself being involved in the chemical reaction. As it deals...
BobC 3rd July 2009 23:38
The carbon canister contains an active carbon filter. It is located between the fuel tank and the canister bleed electrovalve and is located in the Saxo driver's side wing (RHD). The fuel vapours in the fuel tank are absorbed by the active carbon. This aim of this function is to prevent: • the pressure rising in the fuel tank, • vapours...
BobC 3rd July 2009 22:54
This sensor is of Hall effect type and is located on the gearbox output. It is supplied with +12 V. .. This sensor transmits information which, along with the engine speed, is used to determine the gear engaged. This information is used to: • improve driving pleasure (engine hesitation),
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