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BobC 9th July 2009 21:46
Cooling System Overview The purpose of the cooling system is to draw the heat of the engine away and to either heat the inside of the car via the heater matrix or to cool it. Following a cold start the coolant circulates around the engine block and cylinder head spreading heat around the engine. The thermostat is closed preventing this hot...
BobC 9th October 2009 21:28
Citroen gearbox reconditioning kit  Gearbox reconditioning kit (Citroen 2299 45 “Repair Kit”) £239.78 (inc VAT 15%); this includes all seals, cotter/dowel/roll pins and bearings. The biggest costs here are the bearings, so I decided to shop elsewhere for these as Citroen would use a specialist bearing manufacturer. I only bought the small...
BobC 3rd July 2009 11:57
Overview The idle regulation stepper motor is mounted on the end of the inlet manifold or on the throttle housing; it is controlled electrically by the ECU. This stepper motor controls an air flow taken in parallel to the throttle with the aim of: • providing an additional air flow (cold starting), • regulating an idle speed as a function of...
Simo 17th May 2009 22:00
This is a very easy modification to do, which can make a nice improvement to the look of your Saxo, especially if your brake calipers are rusty looking or filthy. You should be able to complete this job in around 2 hours if you get organised! Getting Started... STEP # 1 There are many specialised caliper paints, which you can for use...
BobC 4th July 2009 00:01
Overview The catalytic converter is designed to reduce, by catalysis, unburned pollutant gases at the exhaust: • CO: carbon monoxide • HC: hydrocarbons • NOx: nitrogen oxide Catalysis is a phenomenon which, by using a catalyst, encourages chemical reactions without the catalyst itself being involved in the chemical reaction. As it deals...
BobC 9th October 2009 20:19
The gearbox pictured below is a 20CD22 from a Mk1 Saxo VTR with serial number: 0608389 Saxo 20CD22 gearbox ratios Input Shaft Output Shaft Ratios 1st = 12 teeth 41 teeth 3.42 2nd = 20 teeth 39 teeth 1.95 3rd = 28 teeth 38 teeth 1.52
Simo 17th May 2009 00:00
The alternator is a very important component of the engine. It's function is to charge the battery whilst the engine is running, meaning that any energy consumed by having the headlights turned on, heater blower running, etc will be put back into the battery whilst you drive. Like many other components on your Saxo, at some point or other the...
Simo 18th May 2009 00:10
Your rear brake pads tend to be the ones that get neglected... often only being remembered about just before, or just after MOT time. Changing the rear pads is actually a very simple task, so fear not! Getting Started... STEP # 1 Firstly, jack up the rear of your car with a trolley jack or alternative, then make the area safe for...
BobC 28th June 2009 22:32
The coolant temperature sensor has two functions: • it informs the ECU of the coolant temperature in the cooling circuit and therefore the temperature of the engine, • it transmits the coolant temperature information to the temperature gauge on the control panel for non multiplexed vehicles. The ECU uses the coolant temperature...
BobC 30th June 2009 20:34
This sensor is mounted on the exhaust manifold, at the inlet to the catalytic converter and permanently supplies a voltage to the ECU representing the oxygen content of the exhaust gases. It has a green 4 way connector. Two of these four connector pins supply current to the sensor's internal heater. The other two provide a voltage from the sensor...
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