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Simo 17th May 2009 00:00
The alternator is a very important component of the engine. It's function is to charge the battery whilst the engine is running, meaning that any energy consumed by having the headlights turned on, heater blower running, etc will be put back into the battery whilst you drive. Like many other components on your Saxo, at some point or other the...
BobC 9th October 2009 20:19
The gearbox pictured below is a 20CD22 from a Mk1 Saxo VTR with serial number: 0608389 Saxo 20CD22 gearbox ratios Input Shaft Output Shaft Ratios 1st = 12 teeth 41 teeth 3.42 2nd = 20 teeth 39 teeth 1.95 3rd = 28 teeth 38 teeth 1.52
Simo 18th May 2009 00:10
Your rear brake pads tend to be the ones that get neglected... often only being remembered about just before, or just after MOT time. Changing the rear pads is actually a very simple task, so fear not! Getting Started... STEP # 1 Firstly, jack up the rear of your car with a trolley jack or alternative, then make the area safe for...
BobC 28th June 2009 22:32
The coolant temperature sensor has two functions: ē it informs the ECU of the coolant temperature in the cooling circuit and therefore the temperature of the engine, ē it transmits the coolant temperature information to the temperature gauge on the control panel for non multiplexed vehicles. The ECU uses the coolant temperature...
BobC 30th June 2009 20:34
This sensor is mounted on the exhaust manifold, at the inlet to the catalytic converter and permanently supplies a voltage to the ECU representing the oxygen content of the exhaust gases. It has a green 4 way connector. Two of these four connector pins supply current to the sensor's internal heater. The other two provide a voltage from the sensor...
Simo 30th June 2009 21:09
Wolfrace Wheels take pride in saying they can offer an Alloy Wheel to suit almost every vehicle, this is because they not only distribute their own brand worldwide, they are also the exclusive distributor's of other wheel ranges that operate in different markets in the UK. With over thirty years of experience in the Alloy Wheel industry...
Simo 18th May 2009 01:22
Car Audio Direct offer Saxperience Premium Members free carriage on ALL orders placed, regardless of UK destination, size or weight! In addition to Car Audio Direct's usual huge savings of up to 40% on car audio products, this can now save you up to £20 per order. Why suffer over inflated carriage bills from competitors when you can now have it...
BobC 3rd July 2009 14:57
Overview The inlet air pressure sensor is a new generation sensor and incorporates the inlet air temperature sensor. The inlet air pressure sensor constantly measures the pressure in the inlet manifold as well as the temperature of the engine inlet air. It is supplied with +5V by the ECU when the ignition is switched on. Inlet air...
BobC 29th June 2009 22:09
The ECU is responsible for controlling the "coolant temperature warning" LED when the temperature reaches a critical level (risk of damaging the engine). To perform this function, a coolant temperature thermocontact switch is used. This is mounted directly into the engine block as it can be more reactive in the event of loss of coolant. The...
Simo 30th May 2009 00:38
GSF Car Parts are one of the UKís largest independent suppliers of quality car parts for German, Swedish and French cars. GSF offer greater national coverage than most of their competitors through a network of 50 branches and then 2 large distribution depots based at Heathrow and Birmingham. GSF offer a genuine Ďnext dayí delivery service by...
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