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Posted 5th September 2008 at 20:24 by barrett

Started a new placement at Chester Hospital on Monday working for the Plastic Surgery team. It has been pretty interesting and I have been learning alot and developing my surgical skills.

Today was spent assisting in minor surgery, doing the simple tasks such as trimming the stich's and holding things out the way etc. Not the most exciting thing ever but you have to work up the ranks with these things.

Anyway... on the way home this evening it was chucking it down, with rain, so the traffic was only moving at about 60mph, I was in the slow lane doing about 50mph for various reasons.

In the distance cars start swerving out the way of the hard shoulder area and as I move on about 20meters away I can see a red megane on its roof on the hard shoulder, with part of a tree sticking out the top of it!

So I pull over on the hard shoulder immediately and run over to help.

As I get closer the driver scrambled out through the back side window as the roof of the car was crushed. The gap from the top of the door window to the bottom of the window was only about 10cm!!!

I get the driver to get back from the car and sit down on the grass verge so I could check him over and asked him if there was anyone else in the car.

The driver had a bump on his forehead and a few cuts on his hands, but after doing a quick assesment he seemed to be fine and not to have sustained any other significant injuries.

Double checked there was nobody in the car and someone had called for an ambulance, police, fire brigade etc!

Turned out he hit some standing water on the motorway and started veering across the road, put full lock on to avoid crossing the lane, then when it left the standing water his tyres gripped and flipped the car.

On closer look at his car his tyres where illegally bald atleast on the front 2, didn't check rears!

Got absolutely soaked right through with the rain!

Moral of the story... take it easy in the rain folk, and make sure your tyres have plenty of tread in preparation for winter! (Check the prem members forum for blackcircles discount and members forum for mytyres info)

Keep on trucking!
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