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Its been a looong time..

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Posted 9th December 2009 at 09:15 by _ELECTABUZZ_

well i've just renewed my premium membership.. so i can finnally post to my blog again, saying that so much shits happened its unreeeeal so meh..

okay, after stacking the saxo, the saving up to get it fixed started kind of straight away, and i kept wondering how much it was going to cost.. and not for one moment i didn't think it would be cheap, but to be fair..

i took it to the garage where my brother goes for random tweaks and fixings, he's a sound lad but looked slightly hesitant when i handed him my list of everthing that had broken or needed some dramatic repair. i left the list and the car with him, much to my satisfaction haha

a few weeks passed and i got a phone call off my brother " cars just up on the ramps bud, i think he's finished it! phone him and check.." so i did, yeah it was done. so off i walked to go and have a look at what had been sorted..

okay the list was this.. i think..

the cross member was new but would fix properly so the bonnet wouldn't close.. that was sorted. i didn't actually have a washer jet system in the car at all, he fitted a new one of those both bottom arms and struts needed replacing, he fixed them.. service included for free, bumper fixed in place with some new mud guard thingys, new miltek brake pads all round, and my headlights were all over the place lol htye were fixed too

i was well impressed with the work. and the price, bearing in mind i had literally destroyed the sax, it only cost £580 quid including parts and labour I-MENSE.

so i got it home and had a quick go up and down the road. the saying is once you've crashed your car, its never the same. well my car never was correct and working properly so i never had the enjoyment of having a fully functional saxo. so for me it was better and im well happy with it


the hurricane grey vtr alloys came off a few weeks back and were replaced with some rallye 306 cyclones sprayed matt black.. just need touching up then they'll look awsome

i've been playing around with my now working saxo.. i got talking to a friend who was buying a phase 2 vts with a gti half leather interior in it, he didn't want it because he was making it a weekend toy, so for £200 and my old seats we swapped and i now have some leather perches and they are the most comfy things in the world problem being my airbag light keeps harrassing me. tut tut.

future plans for it are just removing the scratches etc from the shell getting stuff looking smack on again, all aligned etc, some new halo angel eyes (that i had in the first place!!) and some forged internals.. but thats after xmas and im dreaming again
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