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My one and only saxo so far - have replaced pretty much everything on it at one point during ownership!! Still feels tight to drive and is always enjoyable !
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Quest for more power, handling and braking.........

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Posted 1st February 2010 at 15:09 by raunchz
Updated 17th February 2010 at 12:30 by raunchz

Since having the 16v engine fitted, the extra power coming from a 1.4 8v was great, even though I still had the Westcoast gearbox fitted (very long non-sports box)

I'd been keeping an eye out on peoples progress threads and where people were taking the spec of their car. The Westie was slowly getting on a bit, and I decided to freshen up the suspension with new parts.

I sort of knew that I wanted to go NA with the car, but initially held back engine wise with the aim of sorting out the chassis first so that if I had a change of heart or went a different engine spec I wouldnt have wasted my money !

I bought some Powerflex bushes for the front and back of the car (back not pictured)

And I bought some Bilstein Group N shocks with GMC 40mm springs:

Would have been rude not to fit a 24mm rear ARB at the same time:

Some Hi Spec 4 pots came up at a good price so I couldn't resist buying them. They did need a little clean up but that's no problem at all !!

I fitted these 4 pots with some standard Volvo pads and Maxtorq 306 gti-6 Group N Discs. So far they feel good, but am looking to upgrade to some Carbon Lorraine RC5+ pads.

With all this chassis work going on I was looking at possible power upgrades. First off I managed to buy a S2 rallye gearbox which would be better suited to the 16v engine:

And now it was time to get some extra power from this engine

Initally I bought JPsaxo's 2.5" manifold back exhaust systems, said to be one of the first btb exhausts made by GMC. The fitament of this was great and it had a perfect subtle noise

I had been following the PnP Ecu progress from a few companies. Having not had a lot of communication from one company I ended up getting in touch with Datashift about buying one of their Ecu's. I popped over and tried it out on the standard 16v engine - it felt very good even on a base map!!

With perfect timing, GMC were doing a group-buy price on 16v custom camshafts, and there was a Jenvey Group Buy setup. Naturally I got in on both of them and the rest is history!!

Got onto GMC to order some Piper BP285H camshafts and got some catcam hydraulic followers from QEP

The car was now slowly starting to take shape and the spec was slowly getting to where I wanted it to be. It was going to have a great induction noise, stop well and handle great!

I bought a 13row oil cooler kit and some Silkolene Pro S oil ready for the cams and bodies to go on!
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