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My one and only saxo so far - have replaced pretty much everything on it at one point during ownership!! Still feels tight to drive and is always enjoyable !
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Time to get some of these parts fitted........

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Posted 1st February 2010 at 15:30 by raunchz
Updated 17th February 2010 at 12:30 by raunchz

Having all these parts sat in your bedroom is a bit frustrating, but when I had time off from Uni I decided it was time to get them all fitted.

I purchased a new cambelt ready for fitting the cams, and fresh oil - so I had now worries of fitting them. I ran them in for 20 minutes at 3k to help maximise their life.

I began discussing the Ecu with Datashift and booked a date for Andy to come to Bournemouth, install the Ecu and then go out for a bit of road mapping.

I had purchased an Innovate Lc-1 Wideband system - and to this day, it has been an excellent piece of kit and well worth having when looking to have standalone engine management!

Initially I needed to trial fit the TB's to see how close they would be to the scuttle, and how much of the scuttle panel I'd need to take off, as you can see it was bloody tight:

With everything ready to go, I began on fitting the cams and timing them up

Having timed them up and run them in, they did feel very good on the standard Ecu, and the car run very well with them in - I was pleasantly surprised tbh.

I had to now take an angle grinder to my scuttle panel, and get the bodies fitted.

Got it all mapped up with Andy and I was in love with the noise!!! It pulled well and just made a superb noise at full throttle approaching the limiter !!

I wasn't 100% happy with the wiper motor being where it was, and the rain ducting. I cut a lot of this away and bought a left hand wiper mechanism and scuttle top to go on:

I planned on trying to get some better wheels, and to 'tart' up the engine bay a little. I still had to fit the S2 gearbox so was expecting better acceleration and 'feel'.
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