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My one and only saxo so far - have replaced pretty much everything on it at one point during ownership!! Still feels tight to drive and is always enjoyable !
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Posted 1st February 2010 at 16:52 by raunchz
Updated 17th February 2010 at 12:28 by raunchz

I've been trying to decide where I want to go with the car recently.

The car is amazing when on tight and twisty roads, it brakes well and goes well. My only wish would be to have a bit more 'grunt' in the car. It does gain speed very quickly, and will keep up with most cars, but I'm getting to the stage where I want something a bit 'scary' almost.

I'm hoping to take this car for a bit of boost. From reading specs I think 250atw would be plenty enough for me. I want to try and future proof it power wise, and for it to be reliable.

This is where I'm unsure on where to go with it.

Ecu wise I'm fine, as Datashift can install a map sensor in their Ecu so it is easily ready for boost, plus I already have an LC-1 wideband. My cams can be timed up to become quite nice boost cams so these can easily be fitted to my JP4 head.

I've already got a J4 inlet setup so going back to standard is no problem at all. I feel chassis and brakes are good for me at the moment, plus the seat, steering wheel and dash makes in enjoyable to drive interior-wise.

This just leaves me with whether to supercharge or turbo the engine. I was planning on rebuilding the engine over the summer, so it'll be fitted with low compression pistons and rods with a baffled sump.

I do love the power delivery of the car, which urges me to go nearer a C30/94 supercharger and see what it can do with say a 7600 rev limit. This would allow me to keep all my exhaust parts, oil cooler, it'd use it's own oil and oil lines etc. and would be a bit more linear with the power delivery for a bit of track time.

I'd just need to supercharger bits, engine rebuilt, intercooler + piping and then mapped up.

Whereas with the turbo I'd need oil lines (including something to lessen the oil pressure going to the turbo), the manifold and downpipe. I think there'd be less room if I had a turbo and more heat generated. The only thing here is that I already have a KKK K16 turbo, that shifts around 0.28kg/s or air.

Initially I'm going to build up a low comp engine with pistons and rods, jp4 head and my Piper 285 cams - and then go from there as to which route to take. It'll take some saving etc so I'll have time to weigh up the options.

I'll maybe need a better gearbox setup in the future, so do I fit the Quaife to an MA box now, only to need a quaife for a Be box in the future !?

It does mean selling the TB's though which will be a sad day tbh, as the noise they make is superb !!! Plus the S1 box (maybe both) will be going, as will the left hand wiper setup I've got.

I think initially I'll go back to a standard inlet setup, sell the bodies and put the money towards engine parts ready for the summer.

I'll try and blog as things change/progress
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