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MrRem | General Update Really - 28th October

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Posted 28th October 2008 at 13:02 by djrem

Its coming to the end of october.
Im sure everyone already knew this.

Its weird how dates stick in your mind.
I can tell you this time last year I had just split with my ex for another time, and as friends, we were planning to go to an all night horror film festival.

Alas, we got back together and eventually split for good on our year anniversary.

Anyway. Much of this week I've been at my parents offices doing some random crap.

Yesterday I drove to a building site to pick up a box.
I swear security in this country is lame.
"You must go to the other gate."
"Ive just been there, they sent me here"
"Oh, sorry, come in this gate then..."

What the fuck? Do we not even need ID anymore.
Im sure at a nightclub "I wasnt allowed in the backdoor" has never worked for me to get entry.

Ive managed to see some friends this week I havent seen in a while. What I thought might be awkward turned out okay so alls gravy.

Anyway, Ive been having my bedroom in the house re-decorated.
This should be finished tomrrow with the final wall papering.

All in all, a lot of little things have been going on and it now looks like im going to have to move into full time employment.
Its amazing what you'll put off to do something instead.

Well I'm getting bored of waiting now and I swear its every 6 weeks this happens. Oh well.

Onwards and upwards,
See you thursday:
[url][/url] x
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