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Collapse Table 1999 Citroen Saxo VTR
Owner Hopey121
Hi this is my T reg Saxo VTR. I have just recently bought it, it has a strait threw stainless steel exhaust which sounds amazeing plenty of power lol, next month going to get a 4 2 1 manifold shoould improve the flow. also i am plannign on getting it lowerd on spax sports suspesnio kit.

More pictures will follow as more work is done...

Vehicle 1999 Citroen Saxo VTR
Engine Type 1.6L
Colour posi blue
Updated 8th February 2009 23:43
Mileage 82,000 Miles
Price £600.00 GBP
Total Modifications 3
Total Spent £114.06 GBP
Total Views 440
Vehicle Rating 7.00
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Collapse Table Images

Modification Image

Vehicle Image

Modification Image

Modification Image

Modifications - In Car Entertainment
Manufacturer Modification Rating Total Spent Updated
8th February 2009

Modifications - Interior
Manufacturer Modification Rating Total Spent Updated
4th February 2009

Modifications - Transmission
Manufacturer Modification Rating Total Spent Updated
6th February 2009

Insurer Premium Cover Type
Third Party, Fire & Theft

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