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Suggestions / Improvements / Feedback Tell us your ideas of how we can make Saxperience a better place. Also, if we are doing something right... let us know, so that we can do more of it!

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Old 27th May 2009, 14:23   #1
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Default Adding people to thread admin

Thought it would be good if in the "Events and Saxperience Regional Meets" area, whoever started the thread could add other members as admin to that thread.

this would mean that the admin could change the first post and the title of the thread etc.

So with the FCS thread, simo started it, but he should be able to add the user "frenchcarshow" to admin the thread, so that he can change the title and information in the first post.

theres also a thread about the south to north convoy to FCS. i didnt start the thread, but i have planned the route, so it would be good if the OP could add me as admin so that i could change the title etc saying "update" without having to ask him.

and if 2 people are organising an event they both have control over the thread.....

a possibility????

My progress thread 2003 Mk2 Black VTS
My old 2001 Mk2 VTR progress thread
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Old 30th May 2009, 20:28   #2
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Why are people so desperate to be given "power" and "authority" on this site?
Progress Thread - E-Garage / Kam Racing - Sax-P Community Rules
Originally Posted by Bedford126 View Post
Ohhh James I do love when you get your dirty mod hat on.
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Old 31st May 2009, 12:06   #3
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or... you could just PM the OP so he/she can edit the first post?
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Together Forever, on a saxo forum, without saxos <3
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Ok Viper, you are 100% correct concerning everything, sorry to have interrupted your discussion, please continue.
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Old 1st June 2009, 00:14   #4
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I see how it could be a good idea, but if the two dont communicate then it could get messy very fast
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