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Understanding your Saxo VIN Number
by BobC 29th May 2009

You can find your VIN number on your Registration Document (V5) or etched into the back of the engine bay on the bulkhead near the wiper motor cover or on a metal plate riveted in the boot.

Region V= Europe
Country of manufacture F = France
Manufacturer 7 = Citroen
Family S = Saxo
Body style
0 = 3 door saloon
1 = 5 door saloon
3 = Entreprise Berline tolťe
6 = Berline Sport 3 portes
CDZ = 954cm3 TU9M
HDZ = 1124cm3 TU1M+ (K' depollution models to 2000)
HFX = 1124cm3 TU1JP (L4 2001 models onwards)
KFX = 1360cm3 TU3JP (K' depollution models to 2000)
KFW = 1360cm3 TU3JP (L4 2001 models onwards)
NFZ = 1587cm3 TU5JP (90 bhp VTR) (K' depollution models to 2000)
NFT = 1587cm3 TU5JP (100 bhp VTR) (L4 2001 models onwards)
NFX = 1587cm3 TU5J4 (VTS)
VJX = 1527cm3 TUD5B
VJZ = 1527cm3 TUD5
Version (Gearbox / Emissions)
G = 5 speed - 15 - 04 (K)
H = 5 speed - US (Y)
E = 5 speed - CEE 19-5 (L/W2)
F = 5 speed - CEE 95 (L3/W3)
B = 5 speed - CEE 2000 (L4)
D = BVA - CEE 95 (L3) Automatic
L = BVA - CEE 2000 (L4) Automatic
? = ifL5 - L5 (2005) not relevant to Saxo

You can confirm your engine code locating the label on the engine block. Its location depends on the model number.

If you have changed your engine then the VIN will not reveal the engine code.

Hopefully, this will help someone avoid ordering a wrong spare part...
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Last edited by BobC; 27th July 2009 at 21:17.
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