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Saxo Brakes / Suspension / Transmission / Tyres If you have queries or information to share regarding Saxo braking, suspension, tyres or transmission systems, please discuss this within this forum.

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Default Saxo Suspension Refresh

Hey all.

I've got myself a 51 plate VTR and I'm planning to do a freshening up of the suspension, it hasn't been changed since it popped out the factory and with various noises here and there I feel like it's worth doing.

As the title says, I'm only planning to refresh the suspension, I'm not trying to lower or stiffen it up - essentially I'm going down the OEM route. With that being said, what parts would you recommend I replace? What are the most necessary and what is fine to be kept original?

I'm currently eyeing up the Billstein B4s, and then I was planning to get new springs, top mounts and bushes. I'm a novice when it comes to mechanics so I wouldn't know what else should be replaced, and I don't want to hand it over to a garage for them to half do it and then charge me double.

Any tips would be appreciated, I'm thinking of posting a progress thread/review after it's all said and done.
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Hi, when i got my saxo it was all original, and i replaced pretty much all the suspension components because it was time, i replaced the shocks and top mounts, the anti roll bar bushes (the4 of them), wishbone bushes, or mahbe the ball joints if the bushes are bot cracked, mine were making noise and i replaced the whole wishbones. While i was at it, i replaced the 2 tie rod endsand steering rack boot, it was a 30 mins job only so worth doing.<br><br>Sent from my SM-T560 using Tapatalk<br><br>
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