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Old 21st July 2019, 15:25   #1
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Default How long will my dying battery last?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday my power steering stopped working and became intermittent. Today battery warning light has come on, every other warning light has been flashing on and off, demister has stopped working plus the heater.

im guessing Iím looking at a possible battery or alternator problem?

Battery died when I tried to start the car again today, warning light still on after jump start.

Gonna take it the garage tomorrow but not sure how far the battery will go because obviously the engine isnít charging it. Donít want it to die on me on the way.

Anyone know how far I can get on the battery after itís been jumped?
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I think it wont go far maybe 15 mins or so if alternator not charging it<br><br>Sent from my SM-J710F using Tapatalk<br><br>
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Battery light illuminated means the car is running off the battery, not the alternator. If you jump start it with a dead battery and an alternator issue the car would cut out not long after jump starting. If you're having starting issues and the battery light is on it's because the battery isn't getting charged properly by the alternator. If the battery goes too low too often then you may need to replace the battery too if the alternator is found to be the fault.

Have you checked the alternator belt and the wires attached to it?
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