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Smiith's Mk1 VTR Thread

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Posted 25th March 2008 at 16:14 by smiith
Updated 25th March 2008 at 16:30 by smiith

Well, its been relocated to a blog, to mke it an easier read, which will help all


Ok, so i thought since i was going to start meshing my grill, id start a progress thread aswell.

I dont have many pics of the car before i joined the site, so its really progress from today onwards.

So, here is my car when i joined Sax-p

Now, a few weeks ago, i broke my jaw, so i decided id get some stuff done to the car since im off work for 4 weeks, well 1 left now
(thanks to the prat messing about in the mini digger and smashing my face in )

so i got to work, and i ordered a nice show cage from Belgium, it arrived within days, so that was step one, get the cage in...

It went in pretty well, abit of a squeeze, but it was in.

So thismorning i decided i wanted to mesh my grill, obv in black.. what other colour is there to do it in..?

So i set to work after a trip to Halfrauds..

easy bit, getting grill out...

so i set to work meshing.. and soon enough, it was back in..

and it was done yey meeee, only took 45 mins, and i thought it was gonna take all day...

As Is Now:

Green Twincone Filter.
Show Cage
E-Tech Upper Brace
Lowered 50mm
TWS 15" Wheels
Colour Coded Bumpers
Twin Exhaust System
Raceland 4-2-1 Manifold
HID Lights


Today my smoked back lights arrived from germany...

only 35 quid, E marked and everything cant go wrong.. they will be goin on, on saterday morning, so expect a good few pics on sat afternoon, gona give inside and out a good clean out when i fit them.

Then the smokes finaly got fitted..

I think the smoked lights suite the car pretty well

Then i decided i would take a whole load of random pics, longshots, shots in the sun, and allsorts... enjoy


Well, my HID kit arrived yesterday afternoon, so i took thisafternoon off work to fit them.

Pretty simple job to be honest, just earth it, power it and plug it to the light connection.

8000k kit so it goes abit blue, which actually matches the car nicely.

Got a few snaps after id fitted it, but it had just got dark when i had finished

They are actually pretty damn bright, iv had to move them so they point down abit as people kept putting full beam on at me lol


Well, abit of a update...

The splitter isnt fitted yet as i havnt go around to it because weathers been abit gash and iv been with family and stuff over crimbo...

Also cant decide weather the splitter should be blue like the car and the std splitter, or if it would look orite just black plastic.

but i did go out one night to an old RAF runway to show what a vtr can do in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th on the limiter... so heres my findings


UPTADES: Bonnet Raisers!

Well i decided the other night that i would have a look on ebay, and spotted some bonnet raisers, £15 posted, so i thought why not.
Thismorning they arrived, and 20 mins later they were fitted!
Now time for the pics



So i took another 2 pics and retired to the laptop for some sax-p

(Yes it is a monster truck on a daily basis!)


Update: Smoked Indicators

Well, i was trauling through the usual ebay pap the other night, and came across some smoked indicators. Iv wanted some for a while, but places such as charge about £40 for the front, and £15 for the side.

Iv already got smoked rear lights, so when i saw some for £20 for the front and "8 for the side, i thought id snap them up.
They arrived at about 1pm today, and after 15 minutes they were fitted.

So, heres the porn as usualy (excuse the muckyness, its abit shat weather)

And a few of the car

I do want to smoke the headlights, so if anyone can tell me how to do that, id be very thankfull


Got a Video of the Exhaust as it is. Some people on here said that twin exhausts make horrible noise, but personaly, i think mine is rather raspy..

You cant see the exhausts, but you can hear them in the vid


Thats it so far. Thanks for looking. Im now open to all comments and critisisms
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  1. Old Comment
    shooorn94's Avatar
    I love the two exhausts on your sax, Something different, as is the bonnet raisers-not to my taste though as I always thought they looked like some fat bloke sat on the front of your car causing it to raise lol.

    Smoked headlights is a must, I'm the opposite of you, I have the smoked headlights waiting for the indicators to arrive 2 days left though
    Posted 26th March 2008 at 02:17 by shooorn94 shooorn94 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    adnandunn's Avatar
    looking nice, you should smoke your fog lights and spray your ecu cover and roker cover just a suggestion
    Posted 29th April 2008 at 00:54 by adnandunn adnandunn is offline

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