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F1 - Pre Season Review

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Posted 26th March 2009 at 16:52 by danzman1991

F1 Blog Ė danzman1991

Well, itís that time of year again. After the dramatic end at Interlagos in Brazil last year, I have been patiently waiting for the 60th FIA Formula One World Championship season to begin. With the 2008 season ending in an epic battle between Hamilton and Massa, and Hamilton clinching the title by just one point, the 2009 season is sure to be a very interesting one to say the least.

The winter break has not been its usual self. With the teams scurrying back to the drawing boards relentlessly researching and developing there teams. Max Mosley last year gave the first hint to us all that cutting costs is to have a huge effect on the sport, but no one really took any notice, until recently. When Honda pulled out, the teams were running riot. Once everything had settled, all 10 teams were ready for the lights to blink out at Melbourne.

I remember last year getting up really early for Qualifying, hoping and praying Hamilton would get Pole Position, and he did. And we all know he went on to win it, everyone was once again behind Hamilton, singing his praises in anyway they could. Iím hoping this year will be the same, although itís gonna be a hell of a lot tougher for the whole McLaren team, not just Lewis.

Iím not the average Lewis Hamilton fan. I donít want him to win because everyone else does, just because heís British ect.. I want him to win because he is such an excellent driver. He knows the absolute limit at almost any point. Sure he oversteps the mark sometimes, sometimes managing to clinch it back, sometimes not. But when he does crash, or not finish the race for whatever reason, I donít turn round and then say ďAhh, heís so crapĒ until he winís again.

Iím also not the average Lewis Hamilton fan because I do have great support for other teams fighting for the championship too. Last year I was hoping tremendously that Red Bull would pull it together, and surprise a few people as to there performance throughout the 18 races, I thought they would be the team to look out for last season, but they were extremely unlucky and never got the chance to. It was also a great shame that this happened during David Couthardís last season. However, Iím certainly looking forward to his contribution towards the commentary on BBC this year.

This year though, I think we should be looking out for great performances from almost every team. Brawn GP have done phenomenally well during recent testing. Renault will be trying there very best to put a spanner in the works, Ferrari will be looking to get what they believed was thereís from last season and Vettel with Red Bull is another young gun with heaps of potential.

Now a quick summery of the changes to this season, compared to last. Slick Tyres will be returning giving cars 20% more grip. The FIA have ruled they want 50% less down force, to increase overtaking. Engine rev limits have been reduced from 19,000rpm to 18,000rpm. The Pit Lane will now be open during safety car laps. And the new Kinetic Energy Recovery System is sure to make the season more exciting. This KERS system however is believed to have a few drawbacks. The device used to recover upto 80bhp in wasted kinetic energy produced from braking, which is then stored for use for about 7 seconds per lap is though to weigh about 50kg. Some teams donít think the benefit of this system will underline the extra weight having to be carried around during the race. Toyota has said they wonít be using the system until mid way through the season, with speculation suggesting that other teams may follow in the same footsteps.

The first race in Australia is very likely to produce a thrilling race, with Turn 1 making for a compelling open to the season, turns 3 and 9 offering hope for overtaking. Qualifying is everything for this race, as long as teams do well in Qualifying and have a good strategy, the race could be thereís, but with so many teams doing so well in testing, who knows what weíre in store for.

All I can say, is I cannot wait.

Look out for:

Felipe Massa - Ferrari
Fernando Alonso - Renault
Jenson Button - Brawn GP
Kimi Raikkonen - Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton - McLaren Mercedes
Robert Kubica - BMW Sauber
Rubens Barichello - Brawn GP
Sebastian Vettel - Red Bull


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