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Weather :D

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Posted 17th December 2009 at 15:12 by _ELECTABUZZ_
Updated 17th December 2009 at 16:16 by _ELECTABUZZ_

weirdly i think it might be snowing on christmas this year. Which is a suprise because it hasn't snowed here on christmas since i was about 6 - near enough 14 and a half years ago, haha.

it's just started snowing in lincolnshire!! woo..
good and bad .

good being:- i can launch snowballs at my mates like we did last year at the end of feb? (i think it snowed quite heavily last feb, just after my birthday) i can go to my mates private bit of road and drift around in his car haha, i could see if my mates willing to have a house party where we can piss around on his quad bikes . at this point i wish i hadn't of sold my pitbike to be honest.. oh well tis at a better home now (i hopeeee) , one of my best mates, lance, usually stays home and lets us bring the x-box round whilst we do our cars and get merrily facked in his big garage , i dont have to drive my car in the shitty conditions and have the major problem of losing her on ice or over/understeering again

bad points:- the cars under a god-damn sheet of halfrauds special lol, at least its water proof!!, im going to get extremely paranoid about my car not surviving the winter months and worrying about my girlfriend going and coming back from work on the frankly wank roads we have to indure. especially when its snows!!

at least its not settling at the minute.. yet haa. anyway this is my last working day till the 4th.. so im going to have a couple 's tonight to relax and enjoy this time (thankfook) off from work

i found a list of winter survival tips for the cars might help i guess


Make sure your fuel tank is full. Having no less than a quarter tank of petrol makes sure your tank doesn't freeze. When your gas lines freeze, your car won't start.

Freezing can also split your fuel lines and cause a leak, which would require a visit to the garage -- a trip you could have avoided by simply stopping at the petrol station and dropping a couple quid.


You should not let your car sit in the cold for long periods of time. Many people leave their cars in one spot and wait for the snow to melt before using it again. Letting your car sit in the cold for that long will kill your battery.

the car battery can lose up to 60 percent of its power at zero degrees. Even at 32 degrees the battery can be up to 35 percent weaker than at 70 degrees.


snow piles up on your windshield, the wipers will try to push through the snow and ice once you turn your car on. This can break the wipers, or even burn out the wiper motor, he said.


It is also very important to warm up your car before heading out. Warming up the car lets the oil heat up and work its way through the motor, allowing your car to work properly.

If you start your car on a very cold day and just drive off, you face the risk of seriously damaging your motor -- a very costly repair.


Make sure the tail pipe of your car is cleaned off. This is important for a few reasons. Most importantly, if you are sitting in your idling car and your tail pipe is blocked with snow, you could become asphyxiated.

Secondly, if your tail pipe is blocked, your car will not run. This is because the exhaust fumes created has no place to escape.

enjoy christmas - drive safe!!
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