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tarting the in side up

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Posted 3rd July 2011 at 21:22 by luke_vtr_gy

first of all i fitted front and rear blue cobra daytonas ,, look great ,, one big problem tho.. the door cards.

in my vts they were that horrible grey / green

so first part of the mission was find somthing to cover them in. on my pug i tried a fake leather , but it was soo hard to work.

i went to a shop called boys ,, and found this blue material, which is similar to a flease. matched my seats pretty well and cheap as chips sooo bonus. :afro:

i then removed the door cards, nice easy job if you dont know.

the covered part of the door card is held into the rest of the door card; by plastic pins were the ends have been melted over. sort of like a plastic rivet.

most people cut these off ,, but i wanted to re use them ,, make it easier to re fit them.

so i got a hole saw , which was just bigger then the pin,, so it only removed the head.

i then removed the center covered part. pulled off the old material,

i then sprayed it with spray on glue ,, drapped a over sized piece ov material. then cut it to size when glue was dry

i then pushed it back into the main door card.

i then used a soldering iron to re melt the heads on the pins ,,,, easy as that

- i then got a hand brake / gear gator off ebay ,,, again cheap as chips n look good

- next mod to the in side was a bit pricey but worth every penny ,, carbon fiber dash trim ,, look great

- show cage in the back ,,, then a full ice system ,, il talk about the ice in a later post people :y:
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