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Tinted fogs

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Posted 13th August 2011 at 10:02 by luke_vtr_gy

As I said in the post before i was going to use a spray tint, which i had left from an old project.

but i got bored yesterday, so had a big round in the shed for bits to sell on ebay.

and a found a roll of tint film, so decided to do them with the film.

the main reason i used the film is i couldnt be arsed to remove the fogs lights to spray them, to be honest.

so i gave the film a bash and i think they have come out well.

all i ded was;

1/ cleaned the fog light with hot soapy water
2/ cut a peice of film to the rough shape, remenber to make a left and right. because the film does have a top side.
3/ put masking tape on your bumper around the fogs so if the film sticks to your bumper; on the edges it wont pull your paint.
4/ get an older window cleaner spray and fill it with warm soapy water.
5/ removing clear backing off film.
6/ spray back side of film and fog with soapy water.
7/ apply film
8/ removed boubles with a credit card, like you would when applying a decal.
9/ trim edges with a sharp knife
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