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Boredom At Work

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Posted 15th September 2013 at 20:45 by stevie_m
Updated 15th September 2013 at 20:48 by stevie_m

Been a while since I wrote a blog about this piece of French tin that I cannot let go.

Got it through the dreaded MOT without too much effort but for the first time it has needed some help with a "welder" and I will that term loosely. So much that if I have the spare time and a spare sill I will fix the part that they were supposed to fix. Unfortunate as it is the car isn't on the road and I don't see it being back on the road this year.

Slowly going about the interior and parts of the engine bay.

The interior as stated in previous blogs will have larger speakers upfront in door pods fabricated by myself and shown in my progress thread, decided to start cutting up the rear interior panel for larger speaker also ... Not trying to crazy big just one size up and improve the sounds somewhat.

Will be pulling the carpet out in the next week or three and giving it a right going over, when I do this I will be purchasing some uprated wishbone mounts and lay some cables.

Exterior wise I have one patch of rust that I'm not happy about but it's on a door so it isn't that bad, but I will be taking the VT kit off and replacing the clips and cleaning up the paintwork plus checking for dodgy spots.

Now to the engine bay... If anyone has read the progress thread they would have seen that I built my own Oil Catch Tank. I had a gander at my engine bay and realised that the first thing that will need to go is the air box. The fuse box needs changing and depending on the work needed the battery needs to go to the boot.

If anyone can point me in the right direction on this replacement it would be a great help.
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