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What a shed!

Posted 11th May 2008 at 11:02 by Simo (Simo' Says...)

The dreaded day came.... the once yearly event... the day when you really would prefer to be watching paint dry!! Yes, that's right... yesterday was the day I had to 'sort out the shed!'

My garden shed is only pretty small, but this is made worse by the fact I actually have two sheds. One of which I intend to knock down very shortly. So, Ive got to try and get the contents of two very messy sheds into one, whilst still being able to get in and out of it!

After ripping everything out of the garden shed that's staying, it became clear straight away that there's just...
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Demolition & the folding crane!

Posted 2nd May 2008 at 00:28 by Simo (Simo' Says...)

Demolition of buildings is a funny old thing! On one hand, its good to get rid of old, useless things... but on the other hand, its sad to see thousands/millions of pounds worth of materials and thousands of man-hours of effort be destroyed and ripped out. Demolition definately creates a fresh start!

At work, a demolition crew have been ripping down a redundant chemical plant to build new buildings and storage areas. Every day the skyline changes and the rate at which these guys are ripping chunks of metal out is impressive to say the least!

Watching what I call...
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The story so far

Posted 30th April 2008 at 13:31 by Nij
Updated 19th June 2008 at 09:18 by Nij (Updating mods list)

Mods so far;
Clifford G4 alarm
Kenwood MP3 CD headunit
Single wiper conversion
Smoked rear jewel lights
De-wipered boot
Lowered (60 Front 90 Rear)
Twin headlights
Smoked front indicators
Smoked side repeaters
Sun strip
Rear badges
Side door badges
Bonnet Raisers

I have had 'Christine' for 2 weeks now, and so far all she has had is a wash, head unit and the SaxP stickers.
I have always been a fan of french hot hatches (205 gti's were a speciality for a lot of years), so...
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Grand Theft Auto IV

Posted 29th April 2008 at 01:31 by Simo (Simo' Says...)

Release date : 29th April

So, I'm sat at home writing someone's appraisal, which I need to deliver at work tomorrow - it's not going well!

It was 23:55 on the eve of the launch of the cult classic... GTA IV. Im trying to decide if there's gonna be a massive queue at the 24hour Tesco, or whether people won;t be going 'that' crazy over the game launch.

Enough thinking... I decided to make a quick trip down the road to Tesco, just to see When I got there the car park was busy with all sorts of 'younger' cars knocking about. I could tell it was gonna...
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My Accident!

Posted 21st April 2008 at 12:02 by Andi9386

Right I've given this some thought, and I can't hid it away for ever.

On the 12th March, whilst packing my stuff ready to move from Selsey (West Sussex!) to Symington (South Ayrshire), my Mum phoned me and asked if I wan't to go down to the Bill, and take somw photos of the stormy Sea.

Now I've seen the sea quite stormy loads of times, but this had been on the National and Local News, but this worse than I'd ever seen.

We got down there and found loads of people taking Photos, so I got my Camera out and stated taking photos (Which can be viewed in my...
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X-Sport linkages on :)

Posted 20th April 2008 at 15:01 by Alex (Alex's Blog)

Bit awkward with the retaining clips but there on.
Next, Possibly Group N gearbox mount
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Let there be gas!

Posted 15th April 2008 at 20:52 by Alex (Alex's Blog)

After a nightmare trying to fit and then blowing like a b**ch the decat is on.

Funny driving around with the blowing, had a nice rasp when under harsh accelerating.

Thanks to mike for letting me use his garage
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Some of the best sites I use on the web...

Posted 14th April 2008 at 17:27 by MikeCracknell
Updated 22nd May 2008 at 22:03 by MikeCracknell

I just thought I'd share some sites with you that I use frequently.

Mostly Science/Technology ones, but there are some other ones on here too. (am gonna keep adding to it!)

BBC News - This is one of my favourite places to catch up on current affairs, and usually always contains articles in the Science and Nature categories which interest me alot!!!

How Stuff Works - the best place on the web to find out about how literally everything and anything works

BBC Focus Magazine - regular Science Magazine I get, has some really fascinating articles...
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Storm Trooper

Posted 12th April 2008 at 19:25 by Simo (Simo' Says...)

I've had the new Megane for 2 weeks come tomorrow afternoon and I'm still enjoying it! The car's now covered 348 miles and cost quite a bit in fuel. Its currently averaging 24.1 miles per gallon, which is much better than the Turbo VTS, so its not all bad! Just a pity fuel is so expensive... £1.07 per litre I paid this afternoon!

The engine is pretty fruity and muchos fun when the turbo kicks, but if I'm honest, I'm getting a little too used to it already RS Tuning do a nice little ECU upgrade for about £400, which puts the power upto approx. 260bhp, which is nice...
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Credit Cards, Loans and Financial Problems - Advice for you!

Posted 12th April 2008 at 14:58 by MikeCracknell

This is taken from my original post made a week or so back:

Having seen the number of posts being put up over the last few months about debt and credit cards (AlexR's Thread), I thought I could share some of my financial expertise with you all (and some of my bad experiences too)


I worked in a bank as a financial advisor for three years, and really saw some people in sticky situations.

First things first:

Credit Cards
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