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I intend to use my blog to keep you informed of things happening with my car(s) and anything in life I find interesting, unusual or worthy of sharing! Please check back regularly to see what's been happening in the world of Simo
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Top Blogging tip : Use categories.

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Posted 10th May 2009 at 18:50 by Simo

You can use your Blog to talk about anything that's on your mind, but if you put a bit of order to things, you'll see some benefits

If you goto your blog control panel and clikc the 'blog categories' button you can define a number of categories.

Think of these as sub-directories or folders for your blog comments. So, for example you may have a 'general chit chat' category, a 'football' category and another category for 'My saxo progress'. You can then link other memebrs directly to a certain category, rather than linking them to your blog home page.

So if you want to display a link to your cars progress within your signature, or email to your friends or whatever you can do this by using the URL that links directly to your chosen sub-category.

This way you can automatically filter out some of your blog entries, making it easier for people to follow your blogs of the same theme You can also write descriptions for each of your sub categories to explain what the section is about.


If not, try it out... you can always edit your existing blog entries and assign or re-assign new categories, once youve set them up. When you create a new blog entry, you simply tick the category you wish to post it within in, before your 'post' your entry.

I shall demonstrate this later, when I re-blog my Saxo VTS's history article to show you the benefits of blogging, rather than threading
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