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things that i've done so far TO DATE 22/09/09

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Posted 22nd September 2009 at 13:59 by _ELECTABUZZ_
Updated 22nd September 2009 at 14:05 by _ELECTABUZZ_

Saxo Vtr w**9 **d :- Etheal. (Mauritious Blue) 00"

*Written off After Crash* . - Declared Off Road.

*13 - things so far

+ New Front End Welded On. Bottom Panel Straightened.
+ Petrol Tank Repaired.
+ New Radiator Hosing Connected - Fluid In System
+ New Slam Panel Aligned
+ Bonnet Hinges Bent Back To House New Bonnet
+ New Bonnet Put On
+ New Bumper Put On. Slight non Alignment - to be Bolted.
+ Wings Put On For Ligning up
+ Smoked Headlights Fitted
+ Indicator housing replaced through wiring
+ BMC CDA (Silver Carbon) Induction kit Fitted
+ Alloys Taken off - Resprayed HUrricane Grey
+ Bumper Gone to Be Smoothed And Coloured

i've had no critism from my mates or anything for trying to restore the sax, its weird some people have hinted at me going ahead with a vts conversion.... but im not too keen on that. and sadly im ashamed to admitt it, but there's a grass somewhere around where i live in my area, and if your cars better looking or whatever than theirs, he or she will grass you in, most probably for them doing something wrong and getting themselves out of the shit. and keeping the police nice and happy. cos they're brown nosing cun*s

i know this because my friend had a corsa 1.2 and dropped a 2.0 vectra sri engine into it making it awsome, who ever found out and grassed them in. he's looking at a hefty fine and i think he'll lose his license for it, as its voided all of his insurance tax and MOT etc.

my other friend who had an ax.. developed it into a vts conversion which was awsome and looked the part, clean flowing bodywork and good sound engine work, has taken his car off the road because rumour has it he'd be next to be caught out cos of the town grass..

its out of order, get yourself in the shit you deal with it, not bring everyone down with you.

any way rant over.

im happy with the progress my sax is making and im looking forawrd to the finished article. im glad i've taken the time to rebuild it the way i want it and its given me drive, to finnally realise i can do something if i want to and put my mind to it. it feels good.

after all the body work is cleaned up (dints here and there occasional scratches etc) ill be happy, then i can concentrate on the engine work. i wont be telling a lot of people mind cos i might get grassed in for having an induction kit haha but nevertheless im working hard and its coming togehter
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    Claki's Avatar
    seems to be going well mate. Imo find out whos the grass, things can only get worse. good luck with the car!
    Posted 25th September 2009 at 09:48 by Claki Claki is offline

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